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Training horses and ponies correctly needs experience and knowledge. Our 'Training Horses and Ponies' pages have tips from owners and handlers on many different subjects from lungeing, to dealing with cold backs and resistance, to working in an outline, learning basic dressage movements, schooling and loading. Building muscle is important for getting horses fit before riding or competing and we have a selection of exercises and games to 'play' with a two year old.

Contents of 'Training Horses'

Nastenok - Fotolia.com

‎'A horse should never be dealt with angrily. If the horse fears an object, he should be taught that there is nothing to fear. The object should be touched by the person before the horse is led gently towards it. Hurting the animal will only increase his fear, and he will associate pain with the object itself.'
(Xenophon - Greek historian and soldier 430-354 BC)


Horsey Brain Teaser

Patrick owns 4 horses and their average age is 12. Three of them are Irish Draughts and their average age is 11. The fourth horse is a Shire. What age is the Shire?

Answer on this page...

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Training horses - Page 1 

Are some horses impossible to train?

Horse and rider partnerships to avoid

Lungeing a horse or pony for the first time

Horse or pony with a cold back

Tips for handling a horse with a cold back

Dealing with resistance


Training horses - Page 3

Catching a difficult horse or pony - Horses who don't want to be caught can waste a lot of time and cause much frustration. We have some tips to help. 

Things to do with a two year old - These sports horses and ponies are too young and immature to do serious work with but there are plenty of games and bombproofing exercises you can do with them to help them grow into sensible, well adjusted three year olds. 

Training foals not to bite - You want to bond with your new foal but a biting baby can be a trial.  

Building Muscle - Tips for building muscle on horses and ponies.  

Checking saddles – If your horse is misbehaving, it’s worth getting the saddle checked.


Tips for buying a dressage horse

Good conformation is important for dressage horses

Remember the Four C's on Competition Day

How to halt correctly


Teaching horses to load

Tips for loading a horse

Schooling a young horse

Working in an outline

Tips for keeping a horse in an outline

Getting a horse to hack out on his own

Bits and Pieces - What bit should you choose? Tearaway pony or a horse too strong cross country? How to stop a horse leaning on the bit? Lorraine Jennings takes the mystery out of selecting the correct bit.

Lorraine Jennings from www.schoolyourhorse.com

Lorraine Jennings will help you school your horse

If you’re bored after 5 minutes in the school or just after some down to earth advice then www.schoolyourhorse.com could be the website for you. Horse and Pony Info welcomes Lorraine Jennings to our online magazine where she hosts the 'School Your Horse Help Desk'. If you have a question to ask about schooling your horse or would like to see what problems other riders encounter, then click here.


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