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Welcome to 'School Your Horse' Help Desk - by Lorraine Jennings.

If you have a schooling problem you would like Lorraine to answer, email lorraine@schoolyourhorse.com with your question. She's FREE! Please put ‘Horse and Pony Info’ in the subject line.

Lorraine Jennings from www.schoolyourhorse.com

About Lorraine Jennings

I’ve worked with horses all my life as a groom, rider and instructor. I competed to Medium on my own horses and I trained to PSG. Now I’m an equestrian writer. I write for PONY and Horse and Rider. I’ve also written for Equestrian Life and Ireland’s Horse and Pony.

I’m the Anything Equine Agony Aunt at http://hay-net.co.uk , I was Guest Blogger in 2011 for www.theequestrianstore.com and I’ve been writing the ‘School Your Horse’ blog since December 2010.

Contact: Website: www.schoolyourhorse.com Email: lorraine@schoolyourhorse.com Twitter: @pollson

How to separate friends?

“How can I teach my pony he’s OK in his stable on his own?” 

This is a really common problem and it won’t go away overnight but you can get your pony to a stage where his behaviour is acceptable – and more importantly - safe.

Training a pony to stay on its own

"No matter how hard I try I just can’t sit in canter! Any ideas?”

This is a brilliant question. I often get asked this so rest assured you’re not on your own. The first thing I’d suggest is you stop thinking too hard about it because the more you do the worse it will get! If you’re new to canter don’t panic.

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“My horse is crooked and I don’t know why! Any ideas?” 

There’s nothing worse than riding on your own and knowing that something isn’t quite right but not knowing what! Straightness – or lack of it - is a common problem and it’s so often blamed on backs and saddles. Before you pick up your phone take a look at your own body.

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Reader's Question

“My horse is extremely sensitive. He’s started falling in on circles and turns. I used to enjoy jumping but I can’t get him straight to a fence. Help!”

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Counter Canter

"Hi, I'm in the process of teaching my horse counter canter but I'm really struggling to keep him balanced around the short sides. Do you have any ideas that might help?"

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"How can I discipline my foal not to bite?"

This is a very common question and one that needs careful handling because you want to bond with your new foal.

How to discipline biting foals


Tongue over the bit

 "My pony keeps putting her tongue over the bit. How I can stop her?"

The first thing you need to do is check her mouth. Ponies usually flip their tongue over to avoid the rein contact or discomfort. When was the last time you had her teeth checked?

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Moving Hands 

 "I have a pony to try this weekend and I'm worried about my hands! I can't seem to keep them still. Any tips for me before I'm on parade?"

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Mounting Trouble

“My young horse is a pleasure to handle and ride but I’m having some trouble when I mount. She stands still for me to get on but the second I’m on board she’s off! Any tips would be welcome.” 

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Should he stay or should he go?

Reader's Question: 

"My new horse is extremely nappy. On a ride he stops, rears and spins round. He's good in every other way but it's starting to frighten me. I thought having my own horse was going to be fun. Do you have any advice for me - I don't know what to do."

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Reader's Question

‘Hi, I’ve just backed my thoroughbred, he is ever so good and calm and relaxed, slight problem is in walk he has a very low head carriage, so low that his head is nearly on the floor. When he's trotting he holds his head up and goes in a beautiful outline, any advice on how to raise his head in walk? Thanks' (Rachel Gisby)

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