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Gift ideas for all the family

I Love My Horse - Unisex Apron - 100% cotton and machine washable in a variety of colours. You can also use it in the stable yard!

Dreaming of white Christmas apron - You don't have to love horses to wear this apron. You only need to love wine!


Equisafety Aspey Waterproof Winter Jacket - Warm and 100% waterproof and breathable. Click photo for reviews.

Diamante Padded Fur Headcollar - Does your mare like to look different from the other girls? Available in three sizes: Full, cob and pony. 

Festive Dog Collars by Blueberry - The canine equivalent to the Christmas sweater. How cute will your dog look in this? Good quality collar available in three sizes and three designs. Bow tie can be removed if you prefer. Machine washable.

 Horseman's Pride Jolly Ball - Approx. 10" (254mm) diameter. Green apple scented toy to hang or leave loose on the floor. Perfect for any stable or even to kick around a paddock. You might have a problem getting it away from children and your dog!

Magic Brushes for grooming horses and dogs - Virtually indestructible even if your horse stands on it. This is the limited Winter Berry colour range but others are available. Very good for cleaning hair from numnahs and saddle cloths too. 

Cottage Craft Tack Box and brushes - Ideal gift for children and great as a starter kit. The box will hold more items if you'd like to add to it.

Rhinegold Quilted Saddle Cloth - These are always popular gifts. Good quality with contrast piped edge. Available in six colours in full or cob sizes.

Yes I smell like a horse T-Shirt - Available in various sizes and comes in six colours. 100% cotton and machine washable.

Rhinegold Star Horses Stable Quilt Rug - Breathable quality stable rug with cotton lining. Available in a large selection of sizes. Read reviews by clicking photo.

More stable rugs

Horseware Turnout Rugs

Give your dog a treat

The All-New Kindle Paperwhite - Kindle reader which really makes you feel you're reading a book. Read in the dark or daylight without hurting your eyes. Lots of new features.

Kindle Horse & Pony Books

Kindle Books