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Horse and Pony Info would like to thank the following for contributing suggestions for articles and tips:

Results of Brain Teaser for May 12th 2012

(a) Stable number is 33

(b) Sarah had 80 items of tack at first

(c) The dealer paid €680 for the pony 

Loading horses
Kim Bennion, Louisa Blower, Daniel Sneddon, Emma Louise French, Mairead Fortune, Richard Reason, Zoe Wright, Tea Cake and Louise Williams.

Getting a horse to hack out on his own
Anja Brandt, Anita Marsh, Michéle Theron, Dawn Hirst, Elbrus Ourtaev, Ann Danzell, Grace Farmer and Zoe Wright.

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Tips for water buckets and troughs in sub zero temperatures

Kelly Palmer, Tina Glynn, Emma Kerridge, Karina Michele Ray, Alix McEwen, Claire Kingston, Justine Gallagher, Fern Barnett, Tilly Duffy, Claire Dollin, Zoe Wright, Hannah Wilson, Diane Smith, Liz Mortimer, Catherine Ryan, Mandy Bennie, Emma Hayman, Anna Palmer.

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Tips for coping with Cushings Disease
Mandy Hayes, Annie Worsley, Hayley Carter, Bettina Laity, Barb Mills, Megan Edwards and Nicky Hall.

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Rain rash, skin infections, overheating under rugs

Deborah Brassington, Kim Bennion, Emma Louise French, Zoe Wright, Shan Fryer, Caroline Lane, Lynn Ronaldson, Laura Brown, Kathy Gile.

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