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Helping Hands Horsemanship 


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The Importance of Patience

Today I would like to talk about why patience is so important in horse, pony and miniature horse training. Before I get started with this article, I want to say that I keep saying "horse training" but I mean any type of equine training. This can be applied to a horse, pony, miniature horse, mule or donkey!  When our horse's training is coming along nicely, then it is such a rewarding and good feeling. And for all of you who've experienced this, you would know exactly what I am talking about. But on the other hand, if the training isn't going as we had hoped, it can turn into a miserable nightmare. So that's why I feel it is so important to talk about something that is very essential in training any living creature. And it's a simple one word thing called "Patience".

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Safety First 

Our safety and our horse's safety is the number one thing that needs to be considered when working with our equine friend. We pretty much all keep this in mind but where the problem often occurs is when we say to ourselves “I'll only do that this once". And all it takes is once. Even if nothing happens when we make an unsafe choice, this is how habits develop and once a bad habit develops, it can be difficult to break.

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Your First Horse 

When I sit down to write an article, I often find myself thinking what subject should I write about? There are so many ones that I want to cover that I wonder what should be next. So today I decided to write one for the beginners out there who are considering buying a horse for the first time. This is one of my favourite subjects to write about and I think one of the reasons could be because your first horse is always so exciting.

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