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Buying your first horse or pony is exciting but not easy. Even if its your second or third, finding the perfect horse is very difficult and there are many things to consider such as temperament, size, experience, cost and whether you wish to compete. One of the most important tips to remember is always to have the horse vetted and to try and take him on trial for at least two weeks to see if you are suited to each other. Be sure to choose an independent vet and not the seller's one. In our 'Buying a Horse' pages, we have many tips from others who have been down this road, sometimes succesfully but more often encountering problems along the way.

Contents of 'Buying a Horse'

Buying a horse or pony for a beginner - Tips for buying a suitable horse for beginners and novice riders

Buying a show jumper - 10 Tips to help you buy a show jumping horse or pony

The importance of conformation - Good conformation in a horse helps against wear and tear. It is very important for competition horses. Learn what to look out for.

Buying a dressage horse - Soundness and good conformation are only two of our ten tips. Read the rest.

Ten expenses with owning a horse or pony - Paying for your new horse is only the beginning. You need to consider all the costs involved before committing yourself as it is not fair to buy unless you can afford to keep.

Mileage - Mileage may not be good when associated with cars but it has a value when buying a horse or pony

Galvayne's Groove - Learn how to tell the approximate age of an older horse or pony by his teeth

Horsey Brain Teaser

Answer to Brain Teaser No 2 is 400

Brain Teaser No. 3 - A farmer sold ½ of his hay bales one day and sold ¼ of what was left the next day. If he then had 30 bales left, how many hay bales did he have in the beginning? 

Answer on this page...

Article - 'My Last Chance - Buying a Youngster' by Kelly Palmer - Read Kelly's account of her search for the horse of her dreams

Buying a child's first pony - Tips for buying a suitable first pony

Article - 'Owning My First Pony' by Matilda McCrum - Matilda always wanted a pony and managed to persuade her parents when she reached the age of 12.

What the dealer doesn't tell us - Five examples of 'horse sales speak' and how to cope with it. By Zoe Wright.