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Suzanne, Editor of Horse and Pony Info

About Horse and Pony Info

Horse and Pony Info was started in 2010 to help people enjoy their horses. We provide information about many different aspects of owning and training horses. It is not possible to read a great volume of material online so we deliberately keep these articles short and highlight tips in boxes to sum up quickly. Longer articles are available to download free as PDF files.


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Books and DVDs which provide extra help are mentioned on this website because we have joined Amazon as an Associate. All our website information is provided for free and we also maintain a very active Facebook page. It is not possible to do all this without some kind of funding so we would be grateful if you would buy your products from Amazon through our site. When you do, it earns us a commission. By clicking our links and online shop products, you are taken to the amazon.co.uk website so rest assured that the prices you see are Amazon's prices and no extra is added on. You can also use the Amazon Search Box to find anything you want, even if it has nothing to do with horses or ponies.

The information on this site comes from a wide range of contributors who are experienced riders and owners. We hope that you'll find it a help. We also have online presences on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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